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FuoriSalone 2017

Material Immaterial


Fuorisalone 2017 Interni Material Immaterial

DOWNLOAD PRESS KIT  - DOWNLOAD  FLYER   During FuoriSalone 2017 the magazine INTERNI presents the Exhibition-Event Interni Material Immaterial, in Milan, from 3 to 15 April. Interni Material Immaterial brings together a series of experimental and interactive installations of [...]

Immagine Samsung

Unconfined: designing the future

Gone are the days of electronic devices with all kinds of wires and flashing lights. Today, visual appeal and originality are the fundamental components of the devices that play an ever-growing role in our life. Design has become a strategic ally of technology, and the results are more and more [...]

grafica_ivm chemicals

A voyage into the heart of color

    The installation that Giulio Cappellini, the internationally acclaimed designer and architect, has set up together with ILVA Vernici per Legno during Milan Design Week from 4 to 7 April seems to be inspired by The Invisible Cities of Italo Calvino. A story written on a [...]

1. Pyrosome (Cover photo)

LG DISPLAY by Ross Lovegrove

Ross Lovegrove, also known as “Captain Organic”, was chosen for this collaboration on the basis of technical innovation of LG Display OLED light and the expression of design flexibility. “This would be the first time”, explain Ross, “I would work with this new technology, presenting [...]


500 Italian Design Icons 1954/2016 – Still in Production

Italian Design Icons is a publication that continues the narrative of Italian design begun by Interni in 2014 with the volume that celebrated the magazine’s 60th birthday. Applying the same decade-by-decade approach, we have retraced the evolution of design and lifestyle through 500 iconic [...]