INTERNI, The Magazine of Interiors and Contemporary Design, completed its first 60 years in 2014, a period in which it has shared in the fantastic and adventurous story of Italian furniture and decor.

The magazine has closely monitored the growth of design, brought about by the intuitions and efforts of brilliant men and women of culture, architects, designers and entrepreneurs of great insight and courage. In these six very special decades INTERNI has grown with design, as it spread and invaded all aspects of everyday life; the magazine has made an increasing commitment to the communication of design culture on an international level, promoting original creative alliances between designers, businesses, exponents of culture and sector professionals in the widest sense of the term.

The monthly has developed over the years, under the direction of Gilda Bojardi, into a system

of parallel publications, transforming the magazine from an elite media instrument to a mass-media player. INTERNI continues to be an intense, up-to-date observatory, reporting and forecasting trends in the fields of design and architecture.

In the first half of the 1990s the magazine became part of the Periodicals of Gruppo Mondadori Editore, Italy’s leading publishing house. The activities of INTERNI also include the creation of the concepts and coordination of events and exhibitions, organized in the perspective of encouraging contact between those who design and those who produce. The themes of experimentation and temporary installations, in an effort to extend design culture to a wider audience, are the driving force behind the events organized since the end of the 1990s during the FuoriSalone in Milan.

This world-famous urban happening that brings the city alive in the week of the Salone del Mobile began precisely through the initiative of INTERNI, in 1990; today the magazine coordinates the communications for about 450 events. After the launch of versions of INTERNI in Russia (2011), and China (2015), expansions of the international editions are now being programmed.