Icon Architects

For Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai (22/24 November 2018), Interni presents the design talk “Icon Architects. 100 International Stories and Visions" (Friday 23 November – 14.00) and Icon Architects, the fourth volume of the Serie Oro


Together with Interni China, the magazine Interni presents the design talk Icon Architects. 100 International Stories and Visions and the preview of the special publication Serie Oro Icon Architects.

The talk features the viewpoints of some of the most important Italian and international architects, who besides designing prestigious buildings all over the world have also applied their approach to objects, creating some of the most representative products of Italian design.

The stars of the conversation held on Friday 23 November at 14.00 in the Shanghai Exhibition Center (Dome Hall - Piazza Italiana) will be Yang Dongjiang (editor-in-chief Interni China and professor at the Academy of Art and Design of Tsinghua University), Gilda Bojardi (editor-in-chief of Interni), Carola Bestetti (Living Divani Head of Marketing and Communication), Aldo Cibic (architect, founder of Cibic Workshop), Aric Chen (curator-at-large of M+ Museum for Visual Culture Hong Kong) and Carlotta de Bevilacqua (vice-president and CEO Artemide Group).

The international guests representing the worlds of business, publishing and education, will take part in a debate on the role of the designer and the architect in contemporary society, the present relationship between the two disciplines, and new viewpoints towards which design culture seems to be moving.



The views and work of 100 Italian and international architects are the contents of Icon Architects, the fourth volume of the Serie Oro of Interni, making its debut in Shanghai to ideally develop the narrative on Italian design that began in 2014 with the publication to celebrate the first 60 years of Interni, followed in 2016 by the collectible issue 500 Italian Design Icons Still in Production, and in 2017 by Icon Makers.






ISH 2019

Presentation of the new edition of the event in Frankfurt


In 2019 ISH – the world’s leading fair on responsible management of energy and water in buildings – will have a totally updated layout to set new standards for the future. The addition of the new pavilion 12 has led to a substantial reorganization of the exhibit categories, with new groupings of themes, offering greater clarity and transparency for visitors while generating multiple synergies among exhibitors.

In 2019 the ISH calendar will also be changed. The event will begin for the first time on a Monday (11 March) and will finish on a Friday (15 March), meeting the requests of exhibitors and offering sector professionals another working day to visit the fair. The new sequence should also facilitate the arrival of international visitors.

Over 2400 exhibitors, including all the market leaders an the main German and international manufacturers of technologies in the sector, will present their new developments in a worldwide preview at ISH, from 11 to 15 March 2019. This specialized fair represents the international event par excellence for the sector; already at the 2017 edition about 64% of the exhibitors and 40% of the visitors came from abroad, and this trend is still growing.

In 2019 France will be the Partner Country. The vast offering of products on view is supplemented by a variegated program of collateral events, divided into three categories: Selection@ISH, Skills@ISH and Career@ISH. The Selection area includes competitions with their respective prizes, the trend forum ‘Pop up my Bathroom’ and guided visits to the fair. The Skills category covers forums of a scientific character on all the key themes of the sector. The Career section focuses exclusively on the promotion of young talent.


Pieces of Naples

A factory of artistic synergies where ideas, objects and experiences Made in Naples are born

After more than a year of study and research, Pezzi di Napoli becomes a window on the past and the creative future of Naples, a physical and virtual space in pursuit of talents and creative energies, to recoup the memory of beauty and things made by hand, protecting certain nearly forgotten crafts while supporting new design ideas.

Pezzi di Napoli is a showcase and workshop of artistic production, a new brand, a technological business-oriented platform and a place of research with a worldwide vision.

The project is based on an idea of Giosy Camardella and Titti Gallucci with the goal of narrating Naples to an erudite, cosmopolitan audience through design and crafts objects in limited editions, far from the usual stereotypes.

The production ranges from reissues of great design classics like the Sunflowerchair by Roberto Mango to the creation of new projects like the Intallium chaise longue. These two seats kick off the Home Decor section of the project.



Images in dialogue. Until 16 November - Showroom Rubelli - Via Fatebenefratelli, 9 - Milan


Until 16 November 2018, a photography exhibition on Adriano Brusaferri and his long-term collaboration with Rubelli. Dreamy, sensual images – but also rigorous, with an intrinsic beauty – offer an unusual interpretation of the world of Rubelli, with its fabrics and furnishings.

Lightness, wonder, familiarity but also complexity of levels and layers: these are the factors that go into the photography of Adriano Brusaferri, who got involved in this art form almost by chance, and immediately discovered a passion. The first photographs published in Grazia were noticed in Germany, and at the age of just 21 years he found himself creating ad campaigns for major names like Furstenberg, Pfanni and Hengstenberg.

Food was the initial theme of his photography, followed over the years by fashion, lifestyle, travel and decor.



The new Fontanot collection by Lorenzo Damiani


The Altaquota collection designed by Lorenzo Damiani for Fontanot is composed of original furnishings whose key element is steps, connected in an innovative way to benches, shelves or consoles to become a functional part of furnishings, where each object can play several roles.

A collection in which the objects seem to work together to make everyday life more comfortable, practical and functional. For example, the “shelf-stepladder” that can be hung up so as not to occupy space, and when needed becomes a new version of the classic ladder.

In each item, the flat parts are in birch, while the rest are in solid beech.


Interni november on newsstand with Annual Contract


What’s it like to be in Shanghai in 2018? To live and work in the most dynamic city in China? The answers are in this issue, presented in the context of the Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai. Our in-depth focus, ranging from architecture to design to art, explores the seductive city on the Bund, enlivened by mysterious atmospheres and elegant nocturnal lights.

A building is not its roof and its walls, but a space in which to live,” said the philosopher Laozi (4th century BC). As can be seen, for example, in the Bulgari Shanghai Hotel & Resort designed by Citterio Viel – described for us by Silvio Ursini, vice-president of the group – a model of a precise Italian way of life adapted to the genius loci.

Or in the Middle House Shanghai, the first hotel designed by Lissoni Architettura, entirely made in China. We also examine projects by the Dutch architect Ben Van Berkel, co-founder of UNStudio, that bring together living, work and recreation in a single setting. By contrast, readers can see modern reinterpretations of the classic Chinese house by Vector Architects in Singapore and by Neri & Hu in Beijing.

All these spaces convey their character through sensory shadings and details, in search of a profound relationship with the light, materials and colors of the culture of these places. They embody non-standardized solutions, between conservation and experimentation, which also inspire new design offerings.

The pivotal factor of this production is the quality of fine contemporary craftsmanship, to reinterpret the tradition in creations capable of reconciling distant cultures and characters. China is closer than ever.


Escher style

Fantastic worlds, daring geometries, disorienting perspectives, figures that intersect and graphic signs that race in different directions: the impossible constructions of Maurits Cornelis Escher are the starting point for the design of this new residence in California.

Two of his great admirers have designed their own home, with the help of the firm Ken Linsteadt Architects, starting precisely with his works. The project relies on alternation of full and empty zones, opaque and transparent surfaces, volumes that intersect and perspectives that interact to create a complex set of relations.

The villa is composed of various interconnected volumes and explores the intersections of spaces, figures and geometric solids in its layout. Simple square volumes are joined by a tunnel-skylight, while a grid of slender canals and pools of water overlays the design of the outdoor paths, which from the patio lead to a small waterfall and a cypress grove.

The elevations clad with wooden planks or stone slabs feature openings that make use of the OS2 75 and EBE 65 galvanized steel sections in burnished black by Secco Sistemi, whose texture establishes a dialogue with the other materials to produce the “raw” effect that is the project’s stylistic signature.

The solutions offered by Secco Sistemi make it possible to create regular contours of the windows and to design the borders of the large glazings of the villa, contributing with the great versatility of the design of the casements to establish a sense of continuity between circulation routes inside the house and the geometric design of the paths in the garden.


Samsung 8K technology

Now in Italy: the Samsung QLED 8K televisions with Real 8K Resolution technology and 8K AI Upscaling


Samsung Electronics announces the official launch on the Italian market of the new QLED 8K televisions, with the Q900R model available in three formats of 65, 75 and 85 inches.

The purchase of one of the new QLED 8K Q900R units will offer the possibility, as an exclusive preview for our country, of enjoying a series of original contents in 8K, suitable for the whole family, and demonstrating the remarkable visual quality of the new televisions.

Presented for the first time at the recent IFA in Berlin, the new Samsung TV 8K Q900R models include Real 8K Resolution technology: they have four times the number of pixels as the 4K UHD models (16 times more than Full HD televisions) and produce maximum brightness of 4000 nit.


Daytona in Milan

The new Daytona showroom has opened at Via Alberico Albricci 9 in Milan, a few hundred meters from the cathedral. It is a place where every product tells a story of age-old crafts and fine workmanship, outstanding quality and noble style, for a cosmopolitan luxury that charismatically conveys a sense of the tradition of Made in Italy.

The opening is not just an important step forward for the brand, which has chosen Milan as a strategic location to reinforce its visibility. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Signorini & Coco group, in which Daytona is the trademark for luxury living collections.

In an area of 100 square meters on two levels, with large, luminous windows facing the street, the facility displays some of the bestsellers of the Tuscan brand, from the living and dining collections. Like the Alfred round table, accompanied by the Frida chair, or the famous Santa Cruz sofa matched with a Buddha Bar table and lit by Bamboo lamp


Snaidero in Sydney

Snaidero opens a second showroom in Australia: after Melbourne, the firm chooses Sydney for an exclusive flagship store of 500 m2, to present the best of the brand’s luxury design collections. A space set aside for the world of the kitchen, oriented towards both retail and contract sales, and designed for a “top luxury” clientele in search of exclusive and tailor-made solutions.

In Sydney, Snaidero has chosen Cubic Interiors as a partner of excellence, operating for over 70 years in Australia in the field of high-level interior design, with hundreds of projects completed in the luxury segment.

In collaboration with Robert Migliorino, CEO of Cubic Interiors, Snaidero has designed a unified space, under the artistic direction of interior designer Greg Natale, a leading figure on the Australian design scene, who has interpreted the spaces by relying on the excellence of Italian design, adapting it in terms of materials for a local clientele.


Luxury Interior design

A renovation in Monte Carlo done with marble by Margraf


Villa La Rotonde is a specimen of Art Deco architecture of unique charm, in Monte Carlo, that has now returned to its original splendor thanks to a renovation project by NG – Studio Interior Design, in collaboration with Margraf.

The complex configuration of the space on the ground floor required a reinterpretation of the interiors, enriched by ornaments in Cosmatesque style and enhanced by marble from the Vicenza-based firm, in a modern black and white version.

The flooring in Striato Olimpico, cut to follow a particular direction of the veins, is adorned with decorative rosoni in Bianco Carrara, Bardiglio and Striato Olimpico.

At the entrance, in the kitchen and the internal stairwell the choice has gone to Nero Marquinia, a marble with a black color and white veins, equipped with a finely inlaid decorative border, designed and cut to follow the curves of the walls.


Architecture for culture

Presentation in Rome of two Finnish projects: a museum and a library in Helsinki

The Casa dell’Architettura in Rome (Piazza Manfredo Fanti, 47) recently hosted the conference “Architecture for culture in Finland. The new projects Amos Rex and Oodi. Talk with JKMM Architects and ALA Architects.” During the encounter the architects presented the project for the Amos Rex art museum and that of Oodi, the new central library of Helsinki. The objective was to underline the role and importance of cultural facilities in Finland, and particularly in its capital city.

Asmo Jaaksi, JKMM Architects Ltd, illustrated the project of Amos Rex, a futuristic cultural center that establishes a dialogue between past and present to offer the city of Helsinki a new public space, a contemporary art museum and a cinema; Samuli Woolston, ALA Architects Ltd., presented Oodi - Helsinki Central Library. A new library that grants the Finnish capital another versatile, flexible contemporary space for learning, education activities and reading.

The event was coordinated by the architect Arianna Callocchia, with the aim of encouraging dialogue and interaction between Finland and Italy in the context of contemporary cultural projects.