Homi 2016: creativity, communication, tradition

To change while still being oneself. This is the personality of Homi, ready to tell a new story through ideas and innovations, rediscovering past experiences and hosting original events, in the spirit of a changing style.

With a focus on creativity, Dream-Desire-Design (DDD) is the space for the talents of international design hosting a selection of new items designed and produced in nine countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, England, Holland, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey, Hungary).

Also in the creative sphere, Design Competition - Creatività3 is an initiative to make room for young talents. The project organized by Regione Lombardia, in collaboration with Unioncamere Lombardia, and ADI (Associazione per il Disegno Industriale), welcomes 39 emerging designers to Homi, flanked by 39 companies to show their prototypes.

Passing to the new forms of communication, Homi Smart is a project that emphasizes the connections between the new technological devices and design: an incubator of ideas but also and above all a place to find answers and solutions.

Produced in collaboration with IDLAb, Homi Smart addresses themes connected to the world of design 2.0 to identify the trends that unite the most innovative technologies with new opportunities to give value to objects and accessories.

The new dimensions of communication and taste offer fertile ground to generate new ideas, create interest and do business about an always-vital sector like that of the design of objects for the home.

Digital technology makes it possible to communicate brands in an innovative way, making consumers become an integral part of the product marketing process, engaging them thanks to new communications formulas such as augmented reality or immersive reality.

Finally, there is the appeal of tradition. Visitors will see the return of La Magnifica Forma, which focuses on the interaction of design and Italian artistic heritage to offer a space where original objects narrate the opportunities offered by museum.

The context of museums and art exhibitions is an area in which accessories and forms combine with historic and modern art to generate new objects, inspired by art but also going “beyond” it, bearing witness to timeless beauty and taste.

The next edition of the event will focus on objects inspired by the Reggia di Caserta, recognized as a Special Project of MiBACT (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism).

The research attempts to bring out the value of Italian know-how with the construction of a display of fabrics, crystal, bronze castings, silver, fine glass, porcelain and majolica, coral, marble, jewelry, marble mosaics, all in a setting that is a tribute to the beauty of the Palace and its park.

homimilano.com - 16 / 19 September 2016 - Fiera Milano (Rho)



Open Borders

To see all the videos of the Interni events, visit our YouTube channel

The exhibition-event Interni organizes every year during the FuoriSalone reaches its 19th editon in 2016: the magazine gathered internationally acclaimed designers around the theme Open Borders.

A series of interactive installations, macro-objects, micro-constructions and exhibitions to break out of disciplinary boundaries: the theme was developed as an extension of design vision to new synergies and contaminations with different areas of research, including cinema and photography, as well as application of architecture and design in evolving sectors such as those of digital tools, technology and sustainability.

From 11 to 23 April Open Borders presented a series of projects and contributions in three striking urban locations: the Università degli Studi of Milan, the Orto Botanico in Brera and the Audi City Lab at Torre Velasca.

The exhibition “Casetta del Viandante” curated by Marco Ferreri – one of the installations of Interni Open Borders – has been designated as an official exhibition of the XXI Triennale Internazionale di Milano '21st Century. Design After Design.'

The State University, where “Casetta del Viandante” will be open to the public until 12 September, thus becomes one of the official sites of the 21st Milan Triennale.

In the videos, a selection of interviews with the protagonists (designers and architects) of Open Borders.

La Rinascente Design Week 2016

During Design Week (12-17 April 2016), la Rinascente hosts a series of projects.

For the third year, the partnership with Serpentine Galleries leads to the installation in the eight department store windows on Piazza Duomo of A Search Behind Appearances by Hella Jongerius and Louise Schouwenberg: through the play of shadows, where the contours of objects are dissolved, new forms arise, investigating what is hidden behind appearances.

The Techno Souq on Via Santa Radegonda hosts The Chameleon and The Souq, an installation by Aldo Cibic and Studio Cibicworkshop, which winds its cheerful colors through 18 meters of seating to encourage a relaxing break amidst its sinuous coils.

Finally, #Emojimilan, done in collaboration with Central Saint Martins – UAL University is an interactive live project based on the concept of real-virtual contamination, where visitors are encouraged to take selfies in front of the two windows of the annex, and post them on social networks.


FuoriSalone 2016 OPEN BORDERS an event by INTERNI


For the FuoriSalone 2016 and the 21st Milan Triennale, INTERNI presents the Exhibition-Event INTERNI OPEN BORDERS, in Milan from 11 to 23 April 2016.

Now at its 19th edition in 2016, the Exhibition-Event of INTERNI takes place at three key locations in the city: Università degli Studi di Milano (formerly Ca’ Granda, 14th century), the Orto Botanico di Brera (18th century) and – for the first time – Torre Velasca (1958), the headquarters of Audi City Lab, which presents Untaggable Future, a workshop of ideas that brings together trendsetters and expert on four ‘untaggable’ themes (People, Cities, Energies, Lights).

Interni Open Borders gathers a series of interactive installations, macroobjects, micro-constructions and exhibitions that explore ways of getting beyond disciplinary borders: the subject is addressed as an expansion of design vision to new synergies, to contaminations with different fields of research, such as cinema, art, photography; and as the application of architecture and design to evolving sectors like the digital, technology, research on sustainability.

Besides the protagonists from Italy, Interni has called on designers of international stature from various backgrounds – Japan, China, Brazil, Russia, Great Britain, Poland – with different types of training and experience, with the aim of forming a mosaic of styles and visions, and to compare, also on a territorial level, the various characteristics and interpretations of design.

Interni collaborates with leading companies in the field of innovation and research to produce the event, as well as companies that represent successful brands on an international level and small niche producers, alongside public institutions that support business initiatives and creativity. With them, the magazine has activated synergies expressed in the production of original products and in the presentation of a cultural vision that will significantly set the tone for the week of the FuoriSalone.

The exhibition Casetta del Viandante (The Home of the Wayfarer) curated by Marco Ferreri – one of the installations of Interni Open Borders – has been selected as an official exhibition of the 21st Milan Triennale ‘21st Century. Design After Design’. Università Statale becomes one of the official sites of the 21st Milan Triennale. Casetta del Viandante will remain open to the public until 12 September.

Digital Borders

Borders that tighten and close in reaction to geopolitical events in the world, in contrast with the burgeoning digital reality that takes man beyond his physical limts and projects him beyond the planet’s atmosphere.

The video installation symbolically expresses the paradox of increasing limitation of geographical boundaries, while digital boundaries rapidly expand.

Every day we generate 2.5 billion bytes of data. A mountain of items of information that can be intersected and analyzed to suggest unprecedented strategies and pathways.

Can careful interpretation of digital information open up new ideas for life, integrated with the migrations taking place on the planet? The challenge is how to organize the resources of Big Data, global policy and the civil society.

The project is made with a dedicated CSM (Content Management System) to monitor UN data on migratory movements, available online. The information has been processed with Unity (an integrated authoring program for the creation of 3D animations in real time) and with generative, algorithmic graphics.


Project Felice Limosani

Produced by East End Studios


Nya Nordiska: couture interiors for lovers of elegance

An emblem of style and elegance, the furnishing fabrics of the Luxury Life collection by Nya Nordiska bring sophisticated tones and dreamlike suggestions to every decor.

Classic weaves with a modern twist, where colors, iridescent glow and unique details generate fabrics with an exclusive charm.

The German producer of textile editions, known internationally for innovation and design, has selected enveloping, sophisticated hues, where the tendency to warm the most extreme minimalism involves touches of gold.

The Luxury Life line is synonymous with refinement and opulence, ideal for those who want to design sophisticated spaces with a bright decor.

Thanks to an extensive and complete catalogue, Nya Nordiska fabrics are selected by architects and designers for residential and contract projects at the highest levels.