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Material Immaterial

For the FuoriSalone 2017, Interni presents the Exhibition-Event Interni Material Immaterial, in Milan from 3 to 15 April 2017. Now at its 20th edition in 2016, it takes place at three key locations in the city: Università degli Studi di Milano, the Orto Botanico di Brera and the historic [...]


Audi City Lab

Audi City Lab Via Montenapoleone 27, Milano From 13/04 to 10/05 - h. 10.00-20.00 A gallery of projects, a laboratory of ideas and encounters, where design and innovation become dialogue and a path through future disciplines In the second half of April Energy for Creativity extends its range of urban initiatives from the Università degli Studi to via Montenapoleone where Audi, co-producer of the exhibition-event of interni, will organize the audi city lab from 13 April to 10 May. The space will host various encounters and exhibitions that starting with the automotive world will open up wider perspectives on design and technological innovation. interni, in this context, proposes seven encounters to focus on design and its relationships with the fields of lighting, connectivity and digital creativity. Main events include the conversation with walter Maria de Silva, design director of Volkswagen Group, conducted by the critic Philippe Daverio. The installation of the Audi City Lab will feature the latest models by the ingolstadt-based automaker, including the new Audi r8, created by the design division of Audi AG helmed by Marc Lichte. Other Audi Group brands will also be represented: Lamborghini auto, Ducati and italdesign Giugiaro. Marc Lichte Design Director of Audi AG since February 2014, creator of the Prologue Avant Audi showcar. Walter de Silva The prize-winning Italian designer, now Design Director of Volkswagen Group, will narrate his personal vision of design in one of the encounters organized by Interni for Energy for Creativity at the Audi City Lab, Via Montenapoleone 27. Audi City Lab is a space for exhibitions and encounters organized by Audi Group from 13 April in a large three-story showroom in the fashion quad, at Via Montenapoleone 27. Besides the display of new Audi models, the space will welcome, in the second half of April, seven encounters on themes of design and innovation, organized by Interni in the context of the Exhibition-Event Energy for Creativity. The Audi City Lab will continue its exhibitions and encounters until 10 May. Encounters, Debates Wednesday 15 April 6.00 pm Interni Event – Design Conversation Walter de Silva/Philippe Daverio Thursday 16 April 6.00 pm Audi Mind Movers – Digital Thinking Felice Limosani/Francesco Morace moderator Monica Maggioni Friday 17 April 6.00 pm Audi Mind Movers - The transversality of light design Moritz Waldemeyer/Cesar Muntada moderator Monica Maggioni Monday 20 April 6.00 pm Audi Mind Movers – Zero Impact Mario Cucinella/Fabio Renzi moderator Monica Maggioni Tuesday 21 April 6.00 pm Audi Mind Movers – Technology on board: connectivity and infoteinment Stefano Giovannon/Ricky Hudi Wednesday 22 April 7.00 pm Interni Event 360° Design: Mario Abis/Heinz Peter Hollerweger Thursday 23 April 6.00 pm Audi Mind Movers - From design to imagination Jacopo Foggini/Romeo Gigli   [gallery ids="45086,45088,45090,45976"]   [caption id="attachment_45971" align="alignnone" width="209"]Walter de Silva Walter de Silva[/caption]



The Garden of Wonders. A Journey Through Scents| A BE OPEN FOUNDATION project

“If you have a library and a garden, you lack for nothing”, used to say Cicero. In via Brera 28 both these dreams come true. Here you have the splendid Biblioteca Braidense rich in books and history. And the garden, a botanical garden, the Orto Botanico, which is probably still little known and [...]

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