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latest // Fuori Salone 2016


Untaggable Future Untaggable Lights

The last meeting of Untaggable Future at the Audi City Lab focused on the theme […]


Metaphysical Infrastructure!

In the evocative space of Radura, the installation developed by Stefano Boeri in the Cortile […]


Umbria Experience: Schorched or Blackened

“In Italy we have always built beauty”. With these opening words, Professor Paolo Belardi (ABA […]


Untaggable Future Untaggable Energy

The theme dealt with in the evening of 14th April was Untaggable Energy, that is, […]


The do ut do home and the values of dwelling

Do ut do, a name created by Alessandro Bergonzoni, is a biennial project which is […]

Schermata 2016-04-14 alle 20.35.44

Umbria Experience, UniAbaPg: an artistic project for companies

In the framework of Open Borders, yesterday, 13th April, the Umbria Region that created the […]


Untaggable Future Untaggable Cities

Untaggable cities was the theme of the second event in the series of meeting promoted […]


Design & Made in Italy!

A lecture hall full of prestigious Chinese and Italian authorities (Francesca Balzani, Deputy Mayor of […]

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Untaggable Future Untaggable People

Untaggable Future, Audi‘s laboratory of ideas on the occasion of FuoriSalone, opened yesterday in the […]

TGCOM24_ Gilda Bojardi, Interni editor and Michele De Lucchi, architect

TGCOM24_Ernesto Mauri, Ceo Mondadori Group


Voices from Radura

Three pleasant hours were spent focusing on environmental sustainability in the Radura installation, made by […]

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