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Ph. by Mattia Campo

Design Fitness in the park

It was really a nice morning, dedicated to fitness, wellness, relax and design (the best […]


Creativity, Innovation, Sustainability

Brazil has taken to Milan, during the Design Week, an example of its creativity, sustainability […]


Where has Experimentation gone?

Experimentation, innovation, avant-garde, self-production, design. All this was analyzed this morning during the meeting and […]


Reconstruction in Umbria

The research work and the implementations carried out with the Umbria Region, the Civil Protection […]


Future needs Stories: Science or Science Fiction?

If it is true that in the next few years technology will completely change everything […]

Ingo Maurer, Axel Schmid – The Door to Artificial Intelligence – Audi City Lab Corso Venezia 11


Artificial intelligence, opportunity or threat?

Artificial Intelligence versus Augmented Humanity: this was the title of the first meeting – that […]


Model Instruction: Crafting the Prototype

This was the topic of the lecture held on Wednesday 5 April for Interni by […]

Lijun Xin, President of Home&Life Division

Made in Italy for

On Tuesday evening, 4th April, during the opening event of the week of Salone del […]

Schermata 2017-04-05 alle 14.52.54

The “little jewels” of the Brera Botanic Garden

There was only one way of getting a series of installation into the Brera Botanic […]

File 03-04-17, 18 20 01 copia

The dual personality of design

The Design Week starts today. This is the week – each year in April – […]

Material Immaterial – Venice. Prezioso Quotidiano – Marco Pareschi – Orto Botanico di Brera

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