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Winter garden in Brittany

To expand a house from the early 1900s at Vigneux de Bretagne, with solid granite […]


Wine experience in Rome

Rustic or dreamy. An atmosphere of a refined shop or of a venerable champagne bar. Different interiors by […]


Made in Italy in Moscow

The offices and lounge areas of the Italian Embassy in Moscow have been updated with furnishings […]


Copernico Martesana

Even more flexible, even more hybrid, with even more contaminations, Copernico Martesana is located at an emerging […]

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Interior design on board

The contract division of the Zucchetti. Kos group offers international yacht owners the possibility of living […]


Office Jungle

XOhubby XOffice, an international reference point in the contract sector, is the first Office Jungle in Rome. […]

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Made in Italy goes to sea

With its inimitable lines, the Sanlorenzo 106 embodies elegance and balanced volumes, combined with an […]

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Ottoman overtones

For the fascinating Turkish boutique hotel HSVHN Hotel Hisvahan, the multidisciplinary studio GeoID behind the design […]

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Nude – Star Wars Icon collection

Darth Vader, Stormtrooper and C-3PO, protagonists of the Star Wars epic, have seduced Nude, the […]

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Home Smart Home

The smart home products of Hive are designed to be easy to use and interconnectable, […]

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Bright performances

Domino, the new collection of Talenti Outdoor Living, is achieving success thanks to its new […]

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Light in the courtyard

Corte Bertesina, an organic agriculture firm located a few kilometers from Vicenza, has recently been revitalized by […]

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