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A Double Code

“In Mexico there is a sort of double code with reference to design and the […]

Alcune delle ville sull’acqua dell’hotel Mar Adentro che compongono, insieme ai volumi di quest’ultimo, una sorta di esclusivo arcipelago architettonico apparentemente fluttuante.

Abstract volumes

The Mar Adentro hotel (project by Miguel Ángel e Rafael Aragonés, Juan Vidaña, Pedro Amador, […]



In order to better understand what is happening now on the scene of Mexican design, […]

Aperto sulla piscina, il patio funge come generoso spazio di decompressione.  Eterogenei gli arredi:  lampade a sospensione in rame di Tom Dixon e sedute Re-Trouvé di Patricia Urquiola per Emu.

The mexico that remains impressed in your heart

“Mérida is a very prosperous town inhabited by one million people, welcoming people, with a […]


A story yet to be written

Mexico boasts a long tradition of manufacturing everyday objects, furnishings and clothing, practices as ancient […]


What is design?

In 1969 the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris opened a show entitled “Qu’est ce […]


Maylists Kassif Architects: the Architects of the city’s fringes

Udi Kassif welcomes us to the present headquarters of Mayslits Kassif Architects, a studio founded […]

Uno schizzo di progetto.

More than yesterday, more than tomorrow

“This is a lovely story, the kind that should be remembered,” says the architect Michele […]


Narrative display

The exhibit designs of Dario Curatolo mix the volumetric dimension of spaces with graphic design […]


Lights in the landscape

Anyone who opens the homepage of Marco Castelletti can see that landscape and light are […]


Elemental objects

In this column we have often talked about how the dematerialization of form and function […]


A stone shelter

There is all the harsh and wild spirit of the Azores in this project by […]

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