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Campus revolution

“The challenge of the near future is to create a suitable interface between human beings […]


The challenge of continuity

She didn’t go to art school, but she seems to have absorbed the sense of […]


The house with two lives

Dan Stubbergaard is the successful architect who founded COBE in 2006. Today, with over 100 […]



The fact of the matter is that Italy has been and remains one of the […]


Casa Fantini Lake Time

“Casa Fantini is the result of a passion for the genius loci, for everything that […]


The sense of beauty

The success of the documentary The Sense of Beauty by Valerio Jalongo, which narrates the […]

Una veduta dall'alto dell'area di Porta Nuova: si intravvede l'edificio COIMA firmato da Mario Cucinella fra l'asse viario di Via Melchiorre Gioia e il Padiglione Unicredit. In primo piano il nuovo parco della 'Biblioteca degli Alberi' che sarà inaugurato a maggio 2018.

Headquarters with a view

Manfredi Catella – founder and CEO of COIMA The new headquarters of COIMA reinforces your […]


Creative Hub

Emmanuel Babled, the designer of French origin born in 1967, is a river of words, […]


On the road, always tailor-made

“The idea was to bring together Italian excellence in the sectors of motion, design and […]


The primitive metropolis in Paris

The Centre Georges Pompidou has always followed the evolution of my work, to the point […]


A Pinecone House

“They are suspended at approximately 10 metres in height. The first is supported by three […]


Inhabiting nature

They work at high altitudes, but now they have also come down to the valley: […]

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