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Thrice Mendini

First ‘face’: Mendini artist-man of letters “Albero stilematico” is a sculpture installed in the courtyard […]


The Lesson of Florence Knoll

There are certain moments in history when everything seems to happen in unison, and the […]


I and we

At the start his steps seem to be governed by the law of two or […]


Tamed Nature

The borderline between artificial and natural is getting blurry. But while nature, its structures and […]


The private life of happy objects

Instability, time and control are the most pressing obsessions in the work of a contemporary […]

prima scelta_Dune stoneitaliana palmeri 3 copia 7

The new design primario

The Internet is destined to vanish. The increase of connective properties not only of devices […]


Snøhetta: Visual Design

We met with Henrik Haugan in Oslo, in the luminous Snøhetta headquarters inside an old […]

Interni marzo2017_alta

Creative covers

  Two famous illustrators create the first two covers of the year for Interni Magazine. […]

2011 schets 3_alta

Master of Mobility

Max Barenbrug is one of the personalities who demonstrate that it is still possible to generate […]

The Global School_photo by Nicola Longobardi (1)

China at a turning point

Immense and far away, China frightens and lures designers and companies in the design field […]


An industrial sign

Every so often in this age of open possibilities and fantastic illusions, you can still […]

prima scelta_2_Allestimento_Mostra_Rocce e Acqua_alta

Is design useful for geography?

In November there was much discussion about the assignment of the Good Design Award to […]

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