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Islands 2017

“Design becomes a strong, dynamic and uniting force, one that has a unique ability to […]


Old knowledge, new Processes

What happens when designers with an industrial background get involved in crafts design? The answer […]


The theater of Objects

Emilia Serra, architect, and Andrea Mancuso, designer, better known as Analogia Project, met in London […]


Italian Origami

What is a tortello, the king of stuffed pasta, if not a form defined by […]

The fifth signature cover of Interni, created by the French artist Annabelle d'Huart, who in honor of summer has made the ink drawing "Sorrento".

Annabelle d’Huart

Annabelle d’Huart (Paris, 1952) works on photography, drawing, sculpture and jewelry design. After studying at […]


Luca Trazzi: little big projects

“Emotional belonging is the project phase of design.” Our conversation with Luca Trazzi, architect and […]


Fluid light

Few designers have the ability to reinvent themselves, to astonish us with each new project, […]

Petrified Carpet, di Alessandra Covini e Tomas Dirrix dello Studio Ossidiana, installazione di elementi architettonici in cemento ispirati a giardini e tappeti persiani. Realizzata con il sostegno dell'Ambasciata e del Consolato Generale del Regno e dei Paesi Bassi a Milano. Foto: EH (Kyoungtae Kim).

Brutalist Toys

When it really works furniture design is not just a synthesis of form and function, […]


Exercises in industrial production

From international acclaim for experimental research, narrative processes and intellectual experimentation, the career of Simone […]


Fragments of life

“What convinced me to take this job? The promise of great freedom.” Ron Gilad is […]

Realizzata come un'isola monoblocco scultorea in Corian, la cucina è disponibile in due misure e diversi materiali e finiture, tra cui la pietra naturale e il legno.

The architectural kitchen

The Boffi Code project, a range of finishes and materials that enable anyone to create […]

Antonio Citterio e Claudio Luti, presidente di Kartell, ritratti con i contenitori Mobil, design Antonio Citterio con Glen Oliver Loew, 1994 (foto di Marco Cappelletti).

25 years of projects

Claudio Luti and Antonio Citterio, successful entrepreneur and successful designer. Two major figures of Italian […]

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