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Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana

Sicily continues to have a place in the hearts of Dolce & Gabbana, as their […]


Sicilia felix

Sicily is a land of extraordinary cultural experiences, spellbinding panoramas, excellent food and wine. Design […]


Creative Enterprise

Nerosicilia A brand of the Ragusa-based company Frama Mosaici, Nerosicilia has worked since 2010 with […]


The new South

Sun and matter: the fundamental ingredients of Sicilian design. Dissolved in the rivulets of the […]

Una sezione prospettica di Casa G a Cefalù, uno dei progetti più noti di Francesco Librizzi, che fa della scala l’elemento principale della costruzione dello spazio.

Saging space

Sicily, the home of mathematicians, philosophers, painters, playwrights. all this comes to mind in a […]

“Trappola per idee, Marettimo”, foto di Giovanni Levanti del 2008.

Design is an island

Giovanni Levanti An architect, born in Palermo in 1956. In Milan he worked with Andrea […]


The culture of outdoor living

Through production of design furnishings for private and public spaces, combining values of tradition, technological […]


May we have your attention, please?

Make it odd: this might be the hashtag/principle of the Haas Brothers, i.e. Simon (painter) […]


Beyond the border

Europe’s perception of American design has always been mutable. For decades the USA was a […]


The paradoxes of contemporary design

The haystack is tangled, so finding the needle is hard. Better not to even try: […]

Islands 2017

“Design becomes a strong, dynamic and uniting force, one that has a unique ability to […]


Old knowledge, new Processes

What happens when designers with an industrial background get involved in crafts design? The answer […]

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