Alf Da Frè is a large all-Italian manufacturing firm strongly placed on the international home furniture and furnishings market. Its story began in the 1950s, when a group of craftsmen founded a cooperative to make wooden items, going by the name of Alf (Artigiana Legno Francenigo).

The company has seen its turnover, production capacity and modernisation development continue to grow over the years. Today, Alf Da Frè furnishes every area of the home, allowing a great deal of freedom in mixing and matching different collections. The inspiration behind the project is creating a functional, contemporary home in which apparent simplicity does not preclude quality, beauty and creativity.

This is achieved today with the help of designers such as Giulio Iacchetti and Gordon Guillaumier.

Via S. Pio X, 17
31018 Francenigo (TV)
T. 0438 997111 | F. +39 0438 997245

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