Listone Giordano, high-end wood flooring brand of Margaritelli Group,is the keeper of antique methods and knowledge, but it is also driven by an indomitable spirit of innovation evident ever since it first went on the market.

It has combined the innate talent of nature with the ingeniousness of man and it has clothed some of the most beautiful houses in the world with the distinctive look of wood.

Listone Giordano creates products in which the elegance and value of wood go hand in hand with cutting-edge techniques and the latest technologies. Projects which have established Listone Giordano as a leading brand in interior design – a brand with a contemporary style, thanks to the fusion of the company’s wealth of technical knowledge with aesthetics that have won worldwide acclaim in the world of Italian design.

Listone Giordano focuses on wood technology as well as aesthetic research, respect for nature and interpretation of the authentic cultural heritage, artistic sensibility and Italian lifestyle. These strategic drivers can inspire innovation and become elements of uniqueness where they have the ability to nourish both products and brand values. Some of those are intangible, but not for this less concrete and decisive in the business process.

This means not just stopping at the exterior reality, but seeking our deepest roots. Essential goal to Listone Giordano is the constant investigation for a synthesis not always easily reconciled: aesthetic and ethics, outer beauty and substance, appearance and essence, surface and pulp. Concepts which among other things translate harmonization between man and nature, industry and the environment, technology and health.

Listone Giordano,  Margaritelli Spa Group brand
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