Matteo Thun + Partners is a multicultural architecture and design studio. The Milan based headquarter is acting on an International scale on projects from hospitality to residential and retail, urban design and masterplanning since 20 years.

A profound respect for the individuality of brands and locations and a 360° sustainability approach is key for the interdisciplinary team of 70 architects, interior, product and graphic designers highly qualified in managing complex projects.

Subsidiaries in Munich and Shanghai are driven by authentic creativity and technological innovation. With a sensitive approach to the client’s vision and in accordance with the industry’s trends, they are adept at flexible budgets and cost engineering.

Specialized in the various segments of hospitality, with a special focus on luxury hotels and residences with character, Matteo Thun + Partners provide customized and turnkey concepts including architectural, interior and lighting.

The work of the company is based on aesthetic and technical durability with a strong belief in healthy living. The guest (lat: hospes) and the wellbeing is at the core of Matteo Thun + Partners projects.

This also determines the studio’s healthcare projects where the relationship between patients and their physical environment is the point of departure.

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