Design & Made in Italy!

A lecture hall full of prestigious Chinese and Italian authorities (Francesca Balzani, Deputy Mayor of Milan; Wang Dong, Chinese Consul in Milan), managers (Wang Linpeng, Chairman of Easyhome; Lin Yinghua, General Manager of Easyhome Top Design Centre; Wang Peng, Investment&management Director of Easyhome; Jiang Haofan, General Manager of Happy Mall International Trade co; Amedeo Scarpa, ICE Director and Coordinator in China), architects (Stefano Boeri, Michele Brunello and Yibo Xu from SBA Architetti China) took part in the presentation of the Italian Design Center, a center entirely devoted to Italian excellence that is now being created in Beijing, with a special focus on all Italian design and food.

Created by Easyhome Goho, a leading company in selling all Italian furniture and design set up in Beijing in 2010, and designed by SBA Architetti China based in Shanghai, the Italian Design Center will be a center for medium – high end market consumers that intend to experience the purchase of sophisticated products that represent the best you can find in Italian know-how.

This project has been developed not only for commercial purposes, but also to strengthen the relations between Italy and China.

“Italian design has been in China for a long time now and also Italian companies are present in the Chinese territory. What’s new in Easyhome is that there are two types of relations: on the one hand, this exchange can open up a segment devoted to Italian design&food in the Chinese market thus setting up a creative laboratory, and on the other hand, there is the intention to carefully protect product copyright and authenticity”, explained Architect Stefano Boeri.

Amedeo Scarpa from ICE shares the same approach: “China has been growing in recent years, focusing especially on quality, the protection of intellectual property and the fight against counterfeiting”.

The Italian Design Center will show Chinese consumers the Italian lifestyle, thus becoming a sort of bridge able to connect Italy and China in design and food. This was only possible thanks to Easyhome, platform and ecosystem for the furniture market in China, and to SBA Architetti, that have been able to become a “bridge” between two different cultural and commercial identities.

On the other hand, in the Chinese language the words “hello” and “welcome” as they sound also mean “bridge”.

Text Danilo Signorello – Photos by Efrem Raimondi