The dual personality of design

The Design Week starts today. This is the week – each year in April – in which Milan turns into a global city: from Rho Exhibition Grounds where the iSaloni exhibitions take place (2,000 exhibitors in a 200,000 sq. m. area) to the FuoriSalone (with its 12 districts) whose story is told in the exhibition-event Interni “Material Immaterial”.

This story, told by Interni’s exhibition-event, started 20 years ago: the past 10 years were spent in the courtyards of the Università degli Studi of Milan and the past 4 years saw its extension to other locations such as the Botanical Garden of Brera and, this year, the ex Archiepiscopal Seminary situated in Corso Venezia 11 that hosts Audi City Lab. A global, widespread and international exhibition-event like the city in which it takes place: Milan.

Milan wants to be many things, but more than anything else it wants to be an international city, a city of events. And there is nothing in the world like Milan’s Design Week. Here you can breathe energy, strength and the will to put design culture in the limelight in a way that can hardly be found elsewhere.

Milan is a complex, contemporary city. Like all the modern metropolitan cities it is bound to increasingly become a container of the lives of the people living there. And in everybody’s life design has now become an integral part: from daily use objects to cars.

In this city, Material Immaterial is the place where physicality and ideas meet as well as project spirituality and corporeity. In this event the eclectic dimension of international and contemporary design is represented through concrete materials such as wood, ceramic, earthenware and metal as well as through indefinite concepts such as sound, light, transparency, memory, communication, e-commerce.

This is design, this is Milan, this is the FuoriSalone. This is Material Immaterial.

(Text by Danilo Signorello – Photo by Efrem Raimondi)