Andrea Branzi: Transparencies

“Transparency has never belonged to the world of design objects, and this has deprived them of the quality of conceptual thought.”

Andrea Branzi

A book and an exhibition on the work of Andrea Branzi using plexiglas: from the first prototype designed in 2002 to the creations in 2018; presented together with Tom Vack and Michele De Lucchi.

The book transparency, published by Galleria Giovanni Scacchi with Fortino Editions, represents the first overview of the work of Andrea Branzi with plexiglas: about 60 projects created from 2002 to 2017 and produced with the company Metea.

In the book Branzi’s works are interpreted by the photographer Tom Vack, who with his personal style brings out the characteristics of transparency and refraction of light of the material.

At the time of the exhibition, a special numbered and signed edition of transparency will be presented, with 99 copies packaged in a plexiglas box.