Art and light

An international project by the artist Edoardo Tresoldi brings art and light to Singapore and Forlì.

With the support of DZ Engineering and Fondazione Dino Zoli.



The first part of the project happens in Singapore, from 13 to 16 September 2018, at the headquarters of Cargo 39.

For the occasion of the Grand Prix of Formula 1, lit by DZ Engineering, the artist presents Cube Temple. An ethereal creation of wire mesh in Singapore, a dynamic and iridescent space in which it is possible to experience an ethereal dimension, while the light – developed by the company’s technical staff – triggers an interpretation of the work subject to various moods.


The second part will be in Forlì, from 13 October 2018 to 13 January 2019, at the facility of Fondazione Dino Zoli.

For the first time, with The Basilica of Siponto by Edoardo Tresoldi: a narrative of Ruins, Landscape and Light, the artist engages viewers in an important experience, that of the creation of a permanent installation on the paleo-Christan Basilica of Santa Maria, commissioned by MIBACT for the Archaeological Park “Le Basiliche” of Siponto (Foggia, 2016) and lit by DZ Engineering.


The research of Edoardo Tresoldi stands out for the use of metal mesh.

Unlike conventional architecture that encloses space, producing a landscape altered by man, his essential structure embraces the context and welcomes the human presence, giving rise to a novel experiential reality. An ethereal dimension in constant dialogue with the landscape, seen as a contamination of cultural, social and identifying languages, whose dynamics become an integral part of the work.