Firenze Light Festival

In Florence, Linea Light Group does the holiday lighting for Palazzo Vecchio


Until 6 January, during the event Firenze Light Festival, the technical lighting solutions of Linea Light Group create evocative holiday atmosphere in line with the mood of the festival in honor of the creative genius of Leonardo da Vinci.

For the creation of the project concept, for lighting that suggests typical Christmas themes like snowfall and candle flames, a double setting has been developed.

For the zone of the sentry walk of the Palazzo, a luminous screen formed by 220 Pixie Pixel RGBW units (small LED fixtures with a circular form using RGBW technology and 4-channel controls for color and dimming) has been arranged to form a luminous grid filling the available space.

To produce the lighted candle effect of the Torre di Arnolfo, the second setting created by Linea Light Group features three different lighting situations. The first is inside the tower walkway, with Xenia RGBW bars for elliptical light cast on the facade: the effect is that of a fiery, very luminous base that acts as the source of the flame.

To light the pillars the choice has gone to Archiline_W Pro RGBW bars with elliptical optics. Finally, inside the bell loft, Prolamp RGBW spots for diffused light spread the flame effect upward.

Photo courtesy: Palazzo Vecchio and F-Light in collaboration with MUS.E