The “little jewels” of the Brera Botanic Garden

There was only one way of getting a series of installation into the Brera Botanic Garden. Tiptoeing, whispering, without shouting. And this is what the small installations-sculptures of Material Immaterial have done in Brera, in a place that changes the perception of reality in the lively, creative and positive chaos of the Milan design week. An intimate corner, hidden from the daily city humdrum. Four Design Islands that do not shout yet manage to convey the message that Interni intended to give: conviviality, wellness, relationship with nature.

Venice. Precious Daily (four sculptures and one installation), MyIsle, The Garden of Senses, Pigmenti Open-air stem from the partnership between successful designers, young talents and major companies. This partnership shows that design can enhance the most valuable and often neglected aspects in everyday life.

Small jewels” through which glass, plastic, cement (materials) meet memory, imagination, dream (immaterial). The absolute star is the Venice collection created in the Guzzini laboratories by the inventiveness of designers Pio and Tito Toso who managed to give extraordinary effects to a man-made material, that goes beyond crystal in terms of light and transparency.

The Precious Daily project is a pilot project of the Art to be Used research programme promoted by Fratelly Guzzini and the Brera Academy of Fine Arts for visual artists, designers and communication experts. Art, design, technology merge and generate ideas, concepts, projects. This interdisciplinary and intergenerational research laboratory tries to find again the road of applied arts.

Interni installations are exhibited for the fourth consecutive year in the Botanic Garden and appear to be increasingly in harmony with this place. A “magic” site that enhances these little jewels and is enhanced by them.

(Testo di Danilo Signorello – Foto di Efrem Raimondi)