In & Out

Ph. by Enrico Cano.

In&Out: physical sensation and the boundaries of the contemporary design debate become the main themes of our March issue. Approached in selected works of architecture, of very different types (houses, museums, hotels, bistros, schools, churches) that stand out for particular compositional elements, such as the cruciform pillars of Luigi Ferrario, the spatial texture of Park Associati in Milan, the materic-chromatic palette of Sauerbruch Hutton in Mestre, the concrete construction systems of Elisa Valero in Spain.

These are the media identified by designers to pay innovative homage to the historical and environmental legacy of specific places, transformed into private or public spaces of great quality. The concept of the boundary becomes a stimulus for the presentation of one of the topics tackled by “Broken Nature,” the 22nd International Exhibition of the Milan Triennale: that of biodesign oriented towards the creation of living organic materials, seen as the most extreme solution for products in a perspective of circular economics.

Shifting to the scale of objects, the boundary takes the form of a circle that returns in many different lamp designs, where brightness becomes a luminous halo alluding to an imaginary corona of the sun. The borderline between Inside & Out is also the reference point for an overview of new outdoor furniture proposals, which thanks to increasingly sophisticated and evolved design can freely moved from outdoor settings to indoor rooms.

Finally, this issue offers a particular focus on the latest projects for the bathroom, where the demise of minimalism is marked by an explosion of color, reflecting a more lively, amusing and sensorial concept of wellness.