Messages for another world

Valcucine continues the focus on the theme of sustainability taken forward by its co-founder, the designer Gabriele Centazzo, supporting a project coordinated by Alessandro Biamonti involving eight designers.

On Wednesday 21 February, at the Valcucine showroom in the Brera district of Milan, the designers Stefano CitiMaurizio Lai, Francesco Librizzi, Raffaella Mangiarotti, Philippe Nigro, Lorenzo Palmeri, Federico Peri and Ilkka Suppanen talked about the challenge of imagining a fragile, transparent, precious object in glass to send a message to Another World.

The demiurge of the 8 works is the glassblower and artist Massimo Lunardon.

Glass is a conceptually stimulating material often used to protect precious things: from the display cases of museums to the bottles in which shipwrecked sailors placed messages in the hope of rescue.

Valcucine and Spotti Milano presented the works, inside a concept that combines the know-how of a Leonardesque machine with the bemusement of an alien that moves it. You are not the masters, but simply one gear in a machine is the new aphorism behind the setting created by Massimo Lunardon and Gabriele Centazzo.

The message for another world is not just a matter of noble reflections on the future of the environment. The initiative takes concrete action thanks to an auction organized for the sale of the 8 works on display, with proceeds earmarked for Bioforest, the first environmentalist association of Italian industrialists. With the collaboration of the online platform