Eataly Milano Smeraldo and Liveinslums Onlus present MI-ORTO: a project of urban agriculture on Piazza XXV Aprile (11 April – 3 June 2018)


Mi-Orto is a soil-free urban agriculture project for Piazza XXV Aprile in Milan, promoted and organized by Eataly Milano Smeraldo with the support of the City of Milan Municipio 1, based on collaboration with Liveinslums Onlus (coordinators of the project) and a series of associations and groups active in Milan in the field of urban agriculture and ecological/social design.

The Mi-Orto project is an installation of mobile gardens and seating capable of transforming the image of the piazza starting in Design Week and until 3 June, in an ecological event that involves the whole city of Milan, its associations and citizens, as well as Italian and foreign visitors taking part in the FuoriSalone.

Mi-Orto is a shared garden, open to the city and passers-by, a mobile, self-managed space for all kinds of people (especially kids and senior citizens), to learn more about the horticulture of proximity (zero-km, safe and secure). A place to create workshops on the construction of pocket gardens, to listen-touch-see the value of biodiversity.