United Mexican Design

National Autonomous University of Mexico, ph. by Jaime Navarro

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With this issue Interni completes the triad of special issues on Mexico, and specifically on Mexico City, designated as World Design Capital 2018 by the WDO (World Design Organization) and Ciudad Creativa de Diseño by Unesco.

We have brought together an excellent international team to address the complex dynamics of this huge metropolis that has decided to wager on design as a driver of urban and social change. It has not been easy to enter the geographical places and inhabitable spaces of Mexico, to capture the sense of a land plagued by frequent earthquakes: sublime contexts, rich and poor, central and outlying, full of vivid contrasts.

We have selected examples that illustrate the most recent Mexican architecture (by Fernando Romero & Norman Foster, Tatiana Bilbao, Héctor Barroso, Rozana Montiel, Frida Escobedo), with its commitment to responsible quality of life. We have entered the extraordinary workspaces of the artist-sculptor Javier Marín, but also the zones badly in need of improvement inhabited by various communities. Mario Ballesteros, director of Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura, Greta Arcila, editor of the Glocal Design Magazine, and the designer Héctor Esrawe have told us about the challenges facing Mexican design in terms of economic and environmental sustainability, and social inclusion.


International Airport of Mexico City. Project by Fr-Ee e Foster + Partners, Fr-Ee


Where has all this taken us? Towards a radical conviction. The theme of CDMX WDC 2018 is socially responsible design, in terms of products but also of processes and services. And in a perspective of promotion of cultural exchange and trade, Italian know-how can truly help to implement and effectively nurture interaction and growth of our manufacturers in Mexico.

This issue – which also features the Interni Guide Mexico City / Milano  that helps to get oriented in the city, its cultural sites, places of transit and venues – is being officially unveiled on 8 October at the Italian Embassy in Mexico City, and then on 11 October at Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura.

A round table, with the participation of Mario Ballesteros, Gabriella Gómez-Mont, Héctor Esrawe and Mario Cucinella, brings reflections on the theme of virtuous practices in architecture and design. An event open to designers from all over the world, companies, foundations and public institutions.