7th Viaggio in Sicilia

From 1 July to 10 September, the Antonio Salinas Regional Archaeology Museum of Palermo presents Viaggio in Sicilia.

Maps and Myths of the Mediterranean, a project by Planeta per l’arte e il territorio, curated by Valentina Bruschi, with original works by six Italian and foreign artists: Marianna Christofides, Gabriella Ciancimino, Malak Helmy, Andrew Mania, Pietro Ruffo, Luca Trevisani.

For the 7th edition of Viaggio in Sicilia, the show focuses on suggestions that emerged from the traveling artists’ residencies – in September 2016, during the grape harvest – and the incursion of the above-listed artists in the collection of Museo Salinas, one of the most important archaeological exhibition sites in Europe. The museum has opened to contemporary art for the first time, in a new approach of openness to languages pertinent to the present, as a way of rediscovering the art of the past.

Six artists of the same generation traveled through the Sicilian territory, coming to terms with places, people and stories of one of the Italian regions that is richest in terms of myths and legends.

They were stimulated by landscapes and symbols, creating works designed for the spaces of the museum – from sculpture to drawing, photography to video – in dialogue with the relics on view.

The project of Planeta Viaggio in Sicilia was the winner, in May, of the third edition of Premio Gavi: La buona Italia – supported by Confindustria Federturismo, Federculture and Touring Club Italiano – for its effective integration of art and culture, hospitality and tourism. O.C.