Inhabiting a work of art

Hydrocrom by Milesi for an innovative residential project by the Chilean firm Premium Box

In an immerse green area near the Chilean city of Melipilla, Premium Box, a local company that offers modular solutions in the residential and commercial sectors by reutilizing abandoned freight containers, has created a residential project where wood is the protagonist of the inner and outer facings, an ideal refuge in which comfort and cutting-edge style establish a dialogue with the surrounding natural setting.

Always particularly sensitive to environmental issues, Premium Box – to protect the wood and conserve its natural beauty – has decided to use the Hydrocrom line of water-based outdoor coatings by Milesi, a brand of the multinational group IVM.

The XGC6058 matte finish has been selected to preserve the original look of the wood, slowing processes of photodegradation thanks to nano-dimensional UV filters, as well as processes of deformation to guarantee long life. The coating also protects against dust, using special waxes with water-repellent properties that permit reduced retention of grime, and greater ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Milesi coatings have been used on the external facades of the housing module, with its unique minimalist design, making it – in the words of the architect Pedro Sandoval Rivera – “a work of art in which to live.”