Mediterranean light

Set into the streets and olive groves of old Tel Aviv, a residence on three levels dating back to 90 years ago has been completely renovated by the firm Anderman Architects.

The project brings contemporary style to a typical Mediterranean urban house, a narrow, tall structure flooded with light. The main characteristics have been conserved: the old grape vines, the large olive tree, the well in the entrance court, the wall of limestone bricks. A large window replaces the access wall on the roof terrace, bringing light into the house. Varying with the weather and the time of day, the natural light enters the interiors, showcasing the sculptural lightness of the staircase.

On the ground floor, the protagonist of the living area that connects the front and back of the house is the Salinas kitchen designed by Patricia Urquiola for Boffi. Personalized in one of its many versions, it generates a welcoming convivial atmosphere. With its technical and contemporary character, it becomes a discreet part of the new composition, without disturbing the historic aura of the house.