Corte Verde

With the Corte Verde project Stefano Boeri Architetti in partnership with Arassociati has won the competition for the lot on Via San Cristoforo, at the center of the Quartiere della Creatività in the southwest area of Milan.

The project takes the form of a single courtyard building with ascending heights, at the system of a layout of public green spaces and paths, making plants an integral part of the complex.

In architectural terms the design develops around an open courtyard, culminating in a sort of cusp pointing northward in the direction of Piazza Napoli. Towards the south to layout widens into a large public garden, directly connected to the system of the canals and in visual relation to the small area of San Cristoforo.

The shape of the building is an ascending spiral, starting from a lower zone to the south with a large access gate, whose roof extends in a continuous form.

The photovoltaic panels for high energy performance covering the roof also determine its expressive and chromatic impact. At the crest on the southeastern side of the building, the roof bends vertically along the south wall, boosting the perceptive effect.

The three main facades feature an alternating system of balconies, developed to contain plants and trees, while on the inner side of the courtyard a pattern of loggias generates a ‘checkerboard’ of full and empty zones.