Pondered Comfort

To design the spirit. In the pragmatic sense of adapting the design of an object to a particular function, connected with a religious or meditative practice, like that of the ancient discipline of yoga.

An object whose meaning and function allude to the possibility not only of relaxing using ancient techniques, but also of getting connected, or reconnected, with a higher plane.

Ideal for exercises that ease tensions in the mind and the body, the chair designed and produced by Mario Milana, a versatile architect with offices in Milan and New York, concentrates on a particular asana, with a seat that can be shaped to ground the user, offering perfect physical and mental balance.

Of course the materials are the best ones nature can supply: khadi cotton, natural tulipwood, copper with its curative properties.

Milana, a student of Karim Rashid, after working in the latter’s New York studio for many years, focuses in his activity as a designer and architect on Osvaldo Borsani’s idea of application of mechanical technology to furnishings, tempered by a fundamentally artisanal approach that relies on the high quality and manual skill of the great Italian tradition, balancing rigorous basic geometry with the more organic and sensitive aspects of materials.

(Patrizia Catalano)