New energy in Milan

The W37 multifunctional complex was created in 2015 inside the former Richard Ginori production site, fully respecting the original character of the industrial buildings that contain it.

The architectural project – by the architect Monica Melotti, Chief Design Officer of MB America – has transformed a historic abandoned industrial area in Milan into a place of contemporary design where past and present coexist in harmonious balance. The complex, with an area of 15,000 square meters, takes its name from its address – Via Watt 37 – located in the interesting and lively Navigli canal zone.

The structure in reinforced concrete and brick precisely replicates the original footprint of the industrial building, which has been refurbished and reinterpreted for new functions. Advanced materials and techniques have been used, along with innovative solutions for energy savings.

W37 offers a range of opportunities and services – from residences to restaurants (including the Lume helmed by the chef Luigi Taglienti), from the organization of events to commercial activities.

W37 Venue has over 1000 m2 of space set aside for all kinds of events. The facility recently received the License for Public Entertainment Use that also permits events open to the public. Thanks to the presence of modular walls, it is possible to alter the size and configuration of the space to meet different needs.

W37 Living proposes a selection of 29 resididential units, including lofts and apartments, and 5 offices, available in different formats and sizes. The 4700 square meters of space will be joined by a second floor of 2500 m2 presently under construction, where new residential spaces are being prepared. Every apartment has a balcony or a private garden, an internal parking space and/or a garage. Services include a laundry room, cleaning, and a handyman.

The stairs on the first floor lead to the second level where 12 apartments will be created. These will be four-room units with a central open-air patio. Each of the four corners of the structure will contain two apartments, for a total of 20 residential units. The towers will also be transformed to contain new apartments with independent entrances, as well as a home theater and a business center. The tower on the internal street will host two lofts with independent entrances and gardens.

W37 is the result of an investment by MB America, the real estate management and investment company founded in 2013 in Miami thanks to collaboration between Marco Bruzzi, a business management expert, and his companion in work and life, the architect Monica Melotti.