Peck Citylife

An icon of fine food in Milan, Peck opens a new space that combines gastronomy, a restaurant, a wine cellar and a cocktail bar, in the CityLife Shopping District.

Vudafieri Saverino Partners is the firm that has coordinated the project in every phase: from the concept to the design of every space, including the engineering of the furnishings. The sober Milanese orientation of the design narrates the historical identity of Peck – in Milan since 1883 – but also the more contemporary dimension of the city and its new works of architecture.

Peck CityLife is inside a pavilion of 300 m2 with organic forms, on Piazza Tre Torri. The interior design has been organized to guarantee narrative continuity in the various areas, creating a fluid relationship between the different focal points.

The flooring is a reminder of the stone of historic Milan, the ceppo di Gré from quarries on Lago d’Iseo; the suspended ceiling of the restaurant, with wooden diamond-shaped panels, is a citation of Villa Necchi Campiglio by Piero Portaluppi, while the uprights supporting the shelves are a tribute to the Torre Velasca by BBPR. The seating pays homage to Gio Ponti with its elegance and essential flair. The decorative, modern post-industrial lamps also link back to the Milanese tradition.

The folding tables next to the large counter offer visitors a fine view of the quality of the products in an engaging experience: sampling foods revives the sense of the relationship between nutrition and workmanship, selection and enjoyment.

Claudio Saverino and Tiziano Vudafieri have reinterpreted the iconic materials of Peck in a contemporary way, such as wood, black iron and copper. The kitchen features the same white and blue tiles see in the Peck kitchens at the store on Via Spadari.