A village on the Sassi in Matera

Daikin Italy, the affiliate of the Japanese multinational climate control manufacturer, has contributed to the architectural remake of an entire village in Matera.

The overall project conducted by the architect Cosimo Dell’Acqua has its center in the Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel & SPA, a distributed 5-stay hotel with 35 rooms on 6 levels at Sasso Caveoso in Matera, in a settlement known as Conche that dates back to the 13th century.

The architectural renewal has also been made possible by VRV Daikin technology involving heat recovery for climate control and comfort, permitting the community of Matera and guests to enjoy an entire village that would otherwise have remained in a state of abandon.

The Daikin systems installed at the facility stand out for their advanced technology and high energy efficiency, in order to minimize consumption and environmental impact and to combine the systems with renewable energy sources.

To reduce the aesthetic impact of the physical plant systems, white screens have been used to house the compact terminals. The screens also serve to create the spatial layout, avoiding any alteration to the walls and vaults of the most excavated spaces.

The VRV Daikin centralized direct expansion system produces hot water and is integrated in a single installation that meets all the heating and cooling requirements of the facility, while guaranteeing independent settings for every single room.

See the video on the project