A treasure chest of wood and steel

The new C19 designed by MAMA Arch. Massimo Manfredini in the historical center of Borgosesia, a town in Valsesia at the foot of the Monte Rosa massif, is like a warm, welcoming cavern.

Located in a Liberty-style building on Via Roma, the project is based on the local tradition: low, compact houses, thick walls, small openings for protection from the cold.

The suspended ceiling in blanched oak continues on one wall, enveloping the space. The wall terminates in a shelf which in the restaurant configuration remains lowered, while in the aperitif-event configuration it is raised to function as a counter. The contrast with the dark gray of the other walls adds rhythm to the spaces.

The entrance features a bar counter conceived as an enormous wooden ram that floats on a backlit white opaline plexiglas base. The effect is that of a heavy, compact mass suspended in a light, evanescent setting, lit with an Uto suspension lamp by Foscarini.