Versatile and durable

The various uses of resin cement

Resin cement is a flexible material that adapts to any style, standing out for its particular mode of installation and seamless finish. It is a mortar composed of cement and resin, components that give rise to a durable material, ideal for indoor and outdoor use, that offers easy cleaning and waterproofing.

It can be applied directly on any existing surface, with a relatively low thickness (about 3 cm), making it perfect for non-invasive renovation projects and simple restyling. The experts at habitissimo have prepared a list of 5 uses of resin cement to enhance and improve homes, inside and outside.

It is an ideal covering for walls and floors. Staircases can also be completed renovated with a thin layer of resin cement. The resin cement bathroom is a classic: the material is suited to facings in spaces in contact with water, thanks to its waterproof properties (and easy cleaning). The kitchen and other furnishings can change their look: resin cement can easily be used to make kitchen counters. It is also an excellent choice for both new and renovated swimming pools