Art, culture and food

Vòce Aimo e Nadia opens today in an exclusive space that combines art, culture and gastronomical excellence.

Located on Piazza della Scala, at the corner of Via Manzoni, the space is inside the complex of Gallerie d’Italia, the museum and cultural center of Intesa Sanpaolo, and is subdivided into three functional zones: the cafe, the bookstore and the gourmet restaurant.

After major architectural renovation, in line with the trends of Italian and international museums Vòce Aimo e Nadia acts as a place of socializing and sharing.

The new layout designed by the studio aMDL, helmed by the architect Michele De Lucchi, and implemented by the Real Estate and Logistics division of Intesa Sanpaolo, generates important synergies with the cultural activities of the Galleries: the architectural choices contribute to organize the spaces in continuity with the museum.

The new configuration of the cafe with the connected bookshop, with access from the museum or from Piazza della Scala, makes it a very appealing space that interacts with the exhibitions of the museum, starting with the show on Romanticism now in progress at Gallerie d’Italia until 17 March 2019.

Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani, the chef-owners of Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia, with Stefania Moroni, manager, bring their vision of Italian cuisine into the museum, relating it to the facility’s cultural offerings. The result is an experience of food and wine complementary to the visit to Gallerie d’Italia, thanks to a menu based on strong ties to the territory.