Misha changes look

Misha changes look to don a new, refined image that references the ateliers of haute couture. From the showroom to the logo, the catalogue to the website, a sweeping 360-degree rebranding operation conveys a contemporary style inspired by tradition.

With a name that forms an acronym of Milan-Shanghai, the company makes fabric wallcoverings, not simple wallpaper, combining the sophisticated design of Milan with the Chinese decorative tradition.

Located in a characteristic Milanese building, the new showroom welcomes visitors with an explosion of colorsdreamy landscapes inhabited by exotic creatures and fantastic plants are the protagonists of the silk wallcoverings.

Every space is set up with a special wallcovering, including the majestic cranes of the Gold Room or the fascinating nocturnal bamboo forest in the bathroom.

The Red Room, warm and enticing, displays the precious collections of Misha painted and embroidered by hand on Japanese Silk or Dupion Silk.

The Workshop is the site where creative ideas are generated, which through careful study are translated into preparatory drawings, and then made completely by hand.

The space offers the opportunity for a first-hand experience of the Silk Road, one of the subjects depicted in the fascinating Tour des Voyages collection that narrates adventurous voyages in exotic lands: following the ancient trade routes of silk, spices and tea, the collection features the landscapes, works of architecture and animals encountered by travelers.