Palazzo Barovier&Toso

On Rio dei Vetrai, the historic canal of Murano, Palazzo Barovier&Toso has opened as a genuine temple of luxury that pays tribute to light in all its manifestations.

Over 900 square meters of space that epitomizes the history of a brand founded in 1295, which has explored colors, techniques, forms and styles, reinventing its approach again and again with the refinement that has made it famous all over the world.

The majestic beauty of its creations is underlined by the design studio Calvi Brambilla which has organized an essential itinerary on three levels to combine innovation and tradition, art and design.

The building at Fondamenta Manin 1/C, near the historic headquarters, has undergone a total renovation of the interiors, transformed into a composite, evocative and immersive space, not only for product displays.

The architectural features typical of antique palaces have been reinterpreted in a contemporary way: wall paneling, Venetian terrazzo floors, layout and color bring character to every room.

The chromatic motif becomes the guiding thread of the entire building, accompanied by works of art by Jason Martin, Brigitte Kowanz and Astrid Krogh, as a tribute to the Biennale di Venezia.

The ground floor, for the reception area and shopping, features tones of black and is wrapped in diffused light. A golden staircase connects the three levels and faces a two-story space that contains an immense Taif chandelier. The first floor, in a series of monochrome roomswhite, gold, blue, black and red – is set aside for the most precious collections. The second and last level contains an airy, essential hall with roof trusses to present large classic, modern and contemporary chandeliers. The visit concludes in a bar area, with colorful displays of blown glass and separate parts of chandeliers, as well as a spacious cafe in tones of pink, to illustrate the great contract potential of the brand.