The new flagship store of the English fashion designer combines ethics and aesthetics

In the new boutique in London of Stella McCartney700 square meters on the famous (and luxurious) Old Bond Street, one encounters the values that have made this the world’s most eco-friendly fashion brand.

The true protagonist of the space is the idea of sustainability. Starting with the interior design, which avoids the customary materials of the world of luxury (precious metals, stone and marble), opting for handmade, organic and sustainable things.

In line with her green philosophy, the English fashion designer has chosen the Italian company Bonaveri, which combines ethics and aesthetics to produce the first completely biodegradable mannequins in the world.

The clothing by Stella McCartney is displayed on mannequins in B Plast, a natural plastic based up to 72% on sugar cane, coated with B Paint, the first natural paint made only with renewable organic substances. Both the polymer and the chromatic finishes are biodegradable, with OK Biobased certification.

The use of mannequins in B Plast also permits the fashion brand to reduce emissions by 24% with respect to those produced by mannequins in fossil-origin plastic.