Orto Botanico di Brera

At the Botanical Garden of Brera, there were four Design Islands that stem from the co-operation between renowned designers, young talents and reference companies and that were closely related with the extraordinary historical-natural framework they are situated in. They showed how design can enhance the most valuable and daily aspects of life: conviviality, personal well-being, relations, the relationship with Nature.

Photos by Matteo Cirenei and Saverio Lombardi Vallauri.


Venice. Everyday preciousness

“At the Orto Botanico, Fratelli Guzzini launches an important initiative to re-establish a relationship between design and art. The contamination exists, and the company wants to promote a form of art that can be understood and enjoyed by a vast audience. Because big projects happen in the fusion between the spirit of the designer and that of the company.” Domenico Guzzini, president of Fratelli Guzzini

“We have utilized the Venice collection to conduct research. The artists involved have transformed industrial material into something ‘liquid,’ almost immaterial, seeking a single plane of interpretation between virtual and real, project and object. The sculptures are brought to light, becoming generators of content.” Marco Pareschi, communication strategist

project by Marco Pareschi, Antonio Gramegna, Mariano Moroni, Ermenegildo Pannocchia, Caterina Tosoni



The Garden of Senses

“Material Immaterial is an important theme for outdoor furnishings, between the concrete and the ethereal. At the Orto Botanico we have prepared lounge islands that establish a dialogue with people, changing during the day thanks to the properties of the fabrics, and illustrating technologies for outdoor furnishings like waterproof materials and teak. Working with Talenti has been interesting because the firm grasps the stimuli from the world of design, transforming them into winning ideas and products. The temporary nature of this type of installation makes it possible to rapidly put the input gathered during the year into focus. The designer, however, has an ethical responsibility with regard to what remains, reducing the production of refuse to a minimum.”

Project by Marco Acerbis with Talenti



Open-Air Pigments

“The installation sheds light on the unexpected qualities of the cement produced by the Gypsum company. And it shows how surface colors and textures can reveal unusual perceptions of softness. Open-Air Pigments has a platform that encourages visitors to climb up and to touch the parts, but also to sit down for a break in the middle of the FuoriSalone bustle. A simple, immediate installation.”

project by Marco Merendi and Diego Vencato with Gypsum



MyIsle, the Outdoor Gym Sculpture

“The project stems from three different spirits: Alfredo Tasca, with thirty years of experience in the luxury outdoor sector, with Metalco; Gianluca Innocenzi, who has worked in the fitness industry for twenty years; and yours truly, a designer and expert on new technologies applied to products. MyIsle is an outdoor sculpture with a digital soul that offers coaching services. It has an immaterial essence that reconnects us to nature and ourselves, helping us to train based on our own abilities, to encourage personal wellness.”

project by Alfredo Tasca and Alberto Mattiello with Metalco Active, Il Cantiere