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Order, Disorder and Chaos
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Order, Disorder and Chaos

The Box, in collaboration with Arper, with curating by Davide Fabio Colaci + Simple Flair, presents the project that will involve three young designers, each addressing one of the themes of the title

First event: Order: 13 September, 18.30
Designer: Philippe Tabet
Data Pubblicazione: 8 September 2017

Order, Disorder and Chaos is the second phase of the progress of The Box in the area of design culture and its applications. It features a cycle of three new events, curated by Davide Fabio Colaci + Simona Flacco and Riccardo Crenna of Simple Flair, in collaboration with Arper.

Order, Disorder and  Chaos explores the world of design, asking three emerging designers to interpret the contemporary dimension through three different themes.

The results will be three series of objects, narrated through events and exhibitions open to the public.

The projects will become part of a design collection for the brand The Box.



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