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Creative Collisions. Where does inspiration come from?
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Creative Collisions. Where does inspiration come from?

Cersaie 2017 - Bologna - 26 September - 12.00
Interni Café at Caffè della Stampa, Galleria dell'Architettura - Galleria 21/22
Data Pubblicazione: 26 September 2017

Where does creativity, the inspiration of an artist, come from? The architect Massimo Iosa Ghini and the pianist-composer Cesare Picco, urged on by the journalist and writer Giampiero Mughini, tried to answer this question in a trip back to the source of creative invention.

Music and architecture, the score and the drawing, the work of architecture and the symphony: what are the innermost dynamics that drive these two art forms? Because art is everything that results from human creativity, be it music, painting, literature, poetry, architecture, design…

“Creativity is the response to an urgency, to a problematic situation,” Iosa Ghini began. “Giving life to a project determines an evolution, a new balance in the context where it will be inserted. I create to modify reality, to improve it, to construct a new goal. And when I create I want to be free, I want to feel free. To have boundaries, even only technical ones, in a profession such as mine can turn out to be a limit. So, absolute freedom or scrupulous attention to function? Holding these two aspects together is the main effort of my everyday activity.”

“For a musician like me who uses codes of total improvisation, the creative act represents the synthesis of a process that leaves nothing to chance,” Cesare Picco added. “What happens in real time in front of an audience is not something I create by chance, it is the result of a personal process of research. I am thinking about my ‘concerts in the dark,‘ for example, during which the audience gradually passes, in the span of a half hour, from light to absolute darkness, and back again. Listening to my music and also using the other senses, which are activated in a more dynamic way by total darkness.”

To create means to innovate. Every creative collision triggers innovative processes, and vice versa innovation is what ignites creativity. An innovation that becomes tangible through a project: in the cases of Iosa Ghini and Picco, of architecture or music.

Photos by Saverio Lombardi Vallauri

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