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Only kid stuff
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Only kid stuff

Giovanni Albanese
Coordinated by Fondazione VOLUME! - Via San Francesco di Sales 86/88, Rome
From 31 January to 16 Marc
Data Pubblicazione: 31 January 2018

Fondazione VOLUME! links back to its roots as a crafts workshop with the project by Giovanni Albanese (Bari, 1955) that transforms the spaces of Via San Francesco di Sales, which were the shop and home of a glassmaker, into a true workshop of wonders.

Solo roba per bambini (Just kid stuff) is an original project on which the artist has been working for over 10 years: a series of characters constructed with time and patience, inhabiting the space of VOLUME!.

A workbench with the tools of the trade is the place of the creative act, where lifeless relics suggest the intervention of the artist-demiurge.

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