500 Italian Design Icons 1954/2016 – Still in Production

Italian Design Icons is a publication that continues the narrative of Italian design begun by Interni in 2014 with the volume that celebrated the magazine’s 60th birthday.

Applying the same decade-by-decade approach, we have retraced the evolution of design and lifestyle through 500 iconic products, all Italian, created from 1954 to the present. Furnishings and complements, obviously very different from one another, all with their own historical, linguistic and cultural characteristics.

But the items also have one important common denominator: they are all still in production, available in Italy and abroad, for those who want to personalize their homes with timeless pieces or creations with a strong identity.

The overview of iconic products is accompanied by the remarks of 24 internationally acclaimed designers who indicate and explain their most important and representative projects, in a sort of design self-portrait.

The volume concludes with a hypothesis on what might be the icons of tomorrow, namely the products of the present that will define the new trends of living, and lay the groundwork for new expressive languages.

With 188 pages and critical contributions (Cristina Morozzi, Marco Romanelli and Matteo Vercelloni), Italian Design Icons is available starting on 6 December at newsstands, as a supplement to Interni no. 667, December 2016.