With the Ypperlig mirrors, accessories become protagonists in the home

We are living in a time in which it is important to share experiences, and in the future partnerships will be increasingly decisive. The hard part is to choose the right ones, where both parties make a contribution.” This awareness has prompted Hay, the Danish design company founded by Mette and Rolf Hay, and IKEA, one of the world’s most famous furniture brands, to join forces for the creation of a collection that brings two worlds together.

The collaboration has been very fertile, leading to a collection of functional, intelligent and beautiful products for everyday use, and an experience worth remembering. The design couple Mette and Rolf Hay have learned to simplify complex things even further, to find solutions affordable for all. At the same time, IKEA has gained the Ypperlig collection, which represents the beauty and functional quality of small things in everyday life.

Rolf has focused on the larger pieces, while Mette has designed the smaller furnishing complements, the ones that catch the eye. She has worked on the fabrics, the washable double-face covers of the cushions, the blankets with anti-pilling finish, the aluminium boxes with an “always open” cover. She also updated the classic IKEA candlesticks, and the iconic bag, which in Mette’s hands has dropped its classic blue and embraced new trendy colors. The Ypperlig accessories bring the home alive with emotions.

Among the coolest accessories created by Mette, the mirrors are items that can reveal the soul of a person or a home. Made with aluminium in three sizes and colors (white, dark red and green), with rounded forms, they are perfect for any corner or position. They can be placed at the entrance, or in a corner of the living area, inside a wardrobe, or in the bathroom – they have been tested to stand up to moisture. Mette’s idea? To increase the thickness and add a small shelf for keys, postcards, cosmetics and jewelry. Functional and practical.

Discover the whole Ypperlig collection: an inimitable style.