All ready for Homi

Habits, tastes, trends, in a word, “lifestyles”: art of living is the idea at the heart of the eighth HOMI, that will take place from 15th to 18th September 2017 in Milan Exhibition Grounds, the trade fair that shows how fashion has influenced our daily lives over time, a magnifying glass on the new trends that characterize home furnishings and personal items.

A new and appealing layout provides a full experience of the trade fair, through an exhibiting formula that this year too proposes areas devoted to experimentation and focuses on increasingly more widespread trends and habits: Living Habits, Fragrances&Personal Care, Gift&Events, Kid&Style, Hobby&Work, Wellness&Beauty, Fashion&Jewels, Garden&Outdoor, Home Textiles, Concept Lab.

Furnishing objects reflect people’s personality and aesthetic taste: from tea cup sets to kettles, from candles to tableware, from textile items to wall decorations, furnishings tell something about your personal taste and express a style. Customizing home spaces means making them “unique”, surrounding yourself with things you get attached to over time, associated with the memory of a special moment.

Technology plays a fundamental role in our daily lives and is always present in our homes and the objects that surround us, a reality that follows the trend of being “smart” both at home and outside and of sharing the space of our intimacy through social networks: that’s where HOMI Smart originates, an experimental format created in co-operation with IDLAB, an opportunity to exhibit concrete examples of the ever closer relationship between design and technology, with beauty experienced through objects and shared through social networks.

The Lifestyles Trade Fair also provides an occasion to discover the new frontiers of design, emerging designers and companies that rely on high quality artistic craftsmanship. In September this offer will be enhanced by two special areas. In the first one, WGSN, a leading company at an international level in market analyses and surveys, will present the new industry trends, while in the second one, the POLIdesign of Milan will make a focus on new materials and on colour.

New young emerging artists and designers are the target of HOMI Maker Design Award (on the initiative of HOMI in co-operation with Artex and with the sponsorship of CNA and Confartigianato, this is a contest for young under-35-years-old self-producing craftsmen and/or creators) and Design Competition, an important initiative promoted by the Lombardy Region, in co-operation with Unioncamere Lombardia and ADI, Associazione per il Disegno Industriale (Association for Industrial Design), that gives them the possibility of exchanging with the market and experimenting by designing new objects for the home and personal items.

Design, arts and crafts, research and tradition combine perfectly well in initiatives such as La Magnifica Forma, an event devoted to the rediscovery of a unique Italian craft and cultural heritage whose prestige is well-known and appreciated worldwide.

Other initiatives include:

HOMI Asia Design devoted to objects and cultures of the largest continent worldwide

La pelle della moda: fashion of the future in a timeless material, leather

DDD: the excellencies of international design

La casa sull’acqua: Lego Build the Change & Polo Territoriale di Lecco

HOMIFood: agrifood industry and design

#Socialgifts: extraordinary gifts and where you can find them

#HOMIStaging: First Italian Festival of Home Staging

Many workshops, conferences, research laboratories and talk shows will take place in every area of HOMI. They will provide visitors and industry professionals an occasion for training, meeting and exchanging ideas and opinions.

Click on this continuously updated link for the calendar of the events scheduled during the trade fair.