The Ypperlig sofa by IKEA combines the charm of simplicity with design

When the world changes our needs change too. Our way of living in the home is transformed, and special collaborations develop to create more fluid solutions, to find the best way to respond to the necessities of the present, combining appealing design and functional quality.

IKEA, a brand that requires no introduction, and Hay, a Danish design company based in Copenhagen that has brought Nordic tastes in furnishings into the world, have joined forces to create Ypperlig, a new collection of articles for decor and everyday use, conceived to be cool, comfortable, durable and smart, with an eye on refined aesthetics. All thanks to essential lines and attention to detail, materials that look to the future and technical innovations that keep objects from aging over time, while responding to the needs of those who live, work and socialize in the home.

On one side, there is the experience of a firm that has worked with the best engineers and developers; on the other, there is that of a company that operates in the world of architecture and fashion, changing our perception of Scandinavian design.

Hay was founded in 2002 by Mette and Rolf Hay, a designer couple with a passion for decor, accessories and fashion, all seen as sources of inspiration. The idea of joining forces to share experiences and projects came from an awareness of affinities and shared objectives: the love of design, the desire to make it functional, working in the direction of simplicity.

One of the must-have items of the Ypperlig collection is the sofa with the same name, a multifunctional style proposal. The concept behind its design was to make a product that would first of all be beautiful, for the heart of the living area, but would also be comfortable for sleeping. How can stable 24-hour comfort be achieved?

By tackling the challenge of interfacing needs, like an interlocking puzzle. The result is a 3-seat sofa with a contemporary minimal style, but also a warm, welcoming personality: the clear geometric lines are softened by the structure in pale wood, and the whole result is inviting, perfectly in tune with the Nordic mood of IKEA.

The trump card is the spring mattress that forms the seat, a guarantee of comfort, day and night. The pillow cover adds a practical plus: it can be completely removed and machine washed, like real bedding. A pillow and a blanket will suffice, and relaxation is ensured, even when the clock says it is time to turn in. Ideal for those who have limited space and lots of friends, for avid readers and people who love functional but also beautiful things.

Discover the whole Ypperlig collection by IKEA: convincing simplicity.