House in motion

April 2018: time for the most important appointment for the world of international design, in a year of celebrations, but also with an eye on the futur


Mad Architects, Hutong Bubble, ph. Paolo Di Nardo

With “House in Motion,” from 16 to 28 April at three different locations (Università degli Studi di Milano, Orto Botanico di Brera, Audi City Lab at Corso Venezia 11), Interni celebrates 20 years of exhibition-events organized during the FuoriSalone.

For the occasion, the magazine is also presenting a fourth initiative, the exhibition “68” held at Palazzo del Cinema Anteo in the context of the Innovation Design District, accompanied by an issue of Interni Panorama on the lifestyle transformations that took place in that historical period.

With the theme House in Motion we set out this year to explore two representative areas of the evolution of contemporary society: residence and mobility. Two apparently contradictory concepts, that have been brought closer together by the dynamics of living today, to the point of blending into a single identity. The projects and articles presented in this issue shed light – in the fields of both architecture and design – on the idea of a diffused, nomadic, transitional home.

This is the result of increasingly easy mobility and of technology that is an increasingly pervasive presence, on a human scale, gradually changing our relationship with objects and furnishings, which now have to provide flexibility in order to follow our movements and our evolutions.

At the same time, the concept of the domestic environment is invading design spheres that until recently had little to do with the home: workspaces and public transport, for example, now attempt to reproduce the comforts of the residential world.


Peter Pichler, ph. Oskar Dariz and Jens Russman


With these reflections, Interni renews its relationship with professionals and design lovers, thanks to a program of events that promises this year to be more stimulating than ever before.