Icon Architects

With Icon Architects 2018 the Serie Oro of Interni reaches its fourth chapter in the story of Italian design. This year our theme shifts to Italian and international architects who besides creating prestigious buildings and interiors, have also been behind some of the most representative products of Italian design.

What is the relationship between architecture and the design of objects today? The critics say that after a process of distancing between the two disciplines caused by specialization of professional roles, design culture seems to be returning to its original viewpoints. Although in different ways and with different goals than in the past, architects are again expressing interest in product design, settling back into the groove of a long tradition. In a context marked by hyper-production and the digital explosion, their impact on the definition of objects points to new directions of research and new expressive codes.

We have asked almost 100 well-known protagonists how their way of designing changes when they shift from one scale to another. Their direct testimony does not set out to be exhaustive, given the many topics associated with this constantly timely theme, but it can offer a snapshot of what is going on inside the Italian International Design system, contributing to the transformation of creative thinking into iconic products.