Icon Makers. 100 Italian Stories and Visions


Interni Magazine and Miami Ironside present the Design Talk Icon Makers – 100 Italian stories and visions.

Gilda Bojardi Interni Editor-in-chief and Ofer Mizrahi Miami Ironside Founder in conversation with Giulio Cappellini Cappellini Art director, Rene Gonzalez Rene Gonzalez Architects, Carola Hinojosa Hinojosa Design Studio, Nasir Kassamali Luminaire Ceo, Piero Lissoni Lissoni Associati.

After the first International preview of the volume Icon Makers in Shanghai on November 23, Interni proposes a focus on the protagonists of the project, shifting the attention from the designers to the people that work behind the scenes and have a key role in the innovation and international success of Made in Italy furnishing brands as well as in the evolution of taste and design.

Communicators, entrepreneurs, photographers and creative talents in the broader sense of the term are the subjects of Icon Makers, the third volume of INTERNI’s Serie Oro (Gold Series), which ideally continues the narrative of Italian design begun in 2014 with the volume celebrating the first “60 Years” of the magazine and “500 Italian Design Icons Still in Production” (December 2016).

Icon Makers narrates the history and the present of Italian design through an overview of 100 protagonists in the field, selected and introduced in terms of their specific professional categories. Each section is edited with commentary by outstanding international design experts like Domitilla Dardi, Deyan Sudjic, Leonardo Sonnoli, to take stock of the evolution of roles and the forms of expertise involved in the world of contemporary design.

Guest speakers representing entrepreneurship, publishing and education at an International level will discuss the importance of the role of entrepreneurs and other key operators of the Italian design system in transforming the project of a designer in an innovative icon of design, managing expertise, knowledge and investments.