Interni Mexico City / Milano 2016



Interni launches its first publishing initiatives on Mexico City in October 2016. With a special issue entitled United Mexican Design and a Design Guide Mexico City/Milano, offering design-oriented cultural itineraries to help visitors explore the city.

The special publications distributed in Mexico City are Spanish/English editions, with an official presentation on 4 October at the Italian Embassy with local authorities in attendance, and on 7 October at Museo Soumaya, for architects, sector professionals and design lovers.

The subject matter covered in both publications, from a critical and informative perspective, includes the new developments of Ciudad de México/CDMX, in terms of architecture, design and art, interpreted through a wide range of linguistic expressions.

The special issue is introduced by the institutional presence of Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa, Jefe de Gobierno of the capital city, who emphasizes the dynamism of Mexico in terms of design, while Giovanni Anzani, President of Assarredo, underlines the dialogue between Italian design and the local market and culture.

The colors of Mexico, in an inebriating watercolor of patterns, atmospheres and personalities, are discussed by Pino Cacucci, the Italian author of fiction and essays.

In a spirit of linguistic design pluralism, the coverage of the protagonists of Mexican contemporary architecture examines the specific approaches of Fernando Romero (the modern legacy), Javier Sordo Madaleno (reinventing public space and gathering places), Tatiana Bilbao (living with nature), Victor Legorreta (the role of the wall and color), Pedro Reyes and Carla Fernandez (history and recovery practices in their home-atelier in Coyacan), Mauricio Rocha (the use of ancient materials like packed earth and brick).

The focus on art explores the emblematic paths of Pedro Friedeberg, Pedro Reyes (in a critical overview by Germano Celant) and Raymundo Sesma/Advento Art Design.

The perspectives of outstanding contributors continue with representatives of a composite cultural panorama: Juan A.Gaitán for museums; Ricardo Salas Moreno for graphics and design education (Universidades Anahuac); Carmen Cordera for design galleries, and Maria Laura Salinas for the world of distribution; Emilio Cabrero on the challenges presented by Design Week Mexico, with Mexico City selected as World Design Capital 2018; Mario Ballesteros on the state of the art of design.

The coverage of designer who represent Mexico in Italy and abroad focuses on the careers of Emiliano Godoy, Hector Esrawe, Alejandro Castro/PIRWI, Joe Escalona, Ignacio Cadena and many other protagonists of the Mexican scene.

Finally, two studio photo shoots done in Milan by our staff interpret the overtones of Mexico, where Italian design meets the siesta and the theme of relaxing living.

Design Guide Mexico City/Milano The first edition of the Mexico City/Milano Guide (joining the ranks of our international guides to Milan, New York, Paris and Moscow) accompanies readers to discover neighborhoods and places, through design-oriented itineraries in the city: art and design galleries, museums, hotels, restaurants, specialized bookstores, schools, flagship stores, monobrand outlets and multistores offering the finest output of Italian design companies.