QFort: strength is our job

Safe, secure, to insulate and protect any type of space, in perfect tune with its decor. Functional, designed to stand up to all climate conditions, they are the first details that catch the eye in the home. These are the main characteristics of QFort frames, created for those who appreciate good looks and insist on the highest functional quality. Extremely reliable, QFort frames are meeting with well-deserved success across the nation: they are coveted for their accent on innovation and sustainability, and their passion for beauty. The distinctive characteristics of a brand that always focuses on quality, practicality and aesthetics in its products, for both doors and windows.

QFort has developed two window models that provide high technical performance while complying with multiple ecological needs, through inimitable design and clean lines: the Stars series and the Discreet series, with different approaches but identical in terms of quality and performance.

Stars is a series of windows created to combine respect for the environment with high levels of acoustic and thermal insulation. It includes 4Stars, 5Stars, 6Stars and 7Stars, the latest creation, made with an Aluplast section with 7 chambers in PVC and boasting the smallest frame/joint presently offered on the market. The most important feature is that of the many chambers of the frame and the panel, 7 in number. The vanishing hinges are the result of an elegant and innovative design, together with the fine selection of compatible handles and a series of standard colors to which it is possible to add other shades, including wood tones and RAL colors.

Discreet, on the other hand, is a window designed for specific needs, as the result of a positive partnership between technology and functional quality: inside the window there is a Venetian blind made with the ScreenLine® system, a registered trademark of Pellini, also utilized by QFort. Discreet is the window for those who prefer to avoid fabric curtains or are allergic to dust; for clients in search of a hyper-modern mood it is the most suitable solution for carefree living, requiring no maintenance because the Venetian blind never gets dirty and cannot bend, since it is inside a hermetically sealed chamber. The blind moves manually or electrically thanks to magnetic controls made with the potential of lasting virtually forever (they demagnetize by only 2% every 100 years).

The quality that improves quality of life is known as QFort.